Win/ER Night

Thankfully, at the 7 o’clock hour, traffic headed east is mostly home, so not in our way. Thankfully the hospital is a children’s hospital, so we got a room right away, since the hives hadn’t really diminished to a comfortable level. Thankfully I know the way since it’s now my hospital of choice. Thankfully we have an ER copay that is quite manageable.

CSTI: Western States Center

I am lying on my back, on a pebbled, concrete bench. I am in the shade, under the tree. It’s near 80 in the sun and 70 in the shade. A cool breeze keeps me comfortable. I open my eyes, and through my sunglasses, I see brilliant blue flickering through the moving green leaves. This is the epitome of summer. This beautiful summer day makes memories.


I often do this doodle sketch. I suppose it’s because it represents a sort of peace to me. A calm day with a blue sky. Sun in the early morning or mid to late afternoon. Sitting in, on, under, or near a tree with a book or a sketchbook. Thinking, refreshing,...

Bloody Nose

I don’t get bloody noses. Not the dripping kind that requires you to sit forward and pinch your nose for 10 minutes. My brother does. My nephew does. But, not me. Tonight, I got a bloody nose. I have allergies, we had the air on in the house for a few hours, and...

Back Spasms

Back spasms brought us to the OHSU emergency room tonight for my dear husband, who wrenched his back probably Thursday, but felt it Friday. It got worse, even after the Saturday chiropractor appointment, and he was in noisy excruciating pain today. So, after...

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