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Balance Shared is the idea that we are all better together. This podcast is a place to share those stories. I’m your host, Michelle Lasley. I interview mxn and womxn who are working on their own magic, healing their world one at a time so that we can all live in a better world tomorrow.

Michelle Lasley

I hold a vision for a world where we have enough (food, shelter, clothing, clean air, clean soil, clean water, love). To get there, we need to embrace kindness and love, now, assuming good intent while protecting our necessary boundaries. And, we will laugh all the way there.

This podcast is where I can share that vision and explore the stories of other people who also share that vision.

Hi everyone! A note for this episode- due to some technical difficulties this episode ends rather abruptly. Introduction to Episode Jeff Hahler & Bev Martin explain their reasons for being vegans as well as living a healthy life doing so. Podcast Episode Summary Jeff Hahler & Bev Martin both live their lives as vegans eschewing...
Sudeshna Sen discusses what to focus on to both grow your career while also connecting and aligning with what is important in your life.
Marina "The Trader Chick" Villatoro talks about how she built confidence and how she wants to share that confidence in day trading for anyone interested.
Cece Heart talks about building community and sharing hope in safeguarding our environment and becoming empowered, healthy, and happy denizens of Earth.
Irene McKenna is an empowerment coach for moms, founder Irene McKenna LLC, the Empowered Mom Project, and organizes the Facebook community Thrive Motherhood all while being a mom herself.
Introduction to Episode Karen Schopoff shows us how finding balance in all things is about creating boundaries, managing expectations, and recognizing and addressing stress. Podcast Episode Summary Karen Schopoff Rooff is a health and fitness coach and nationally recognized public speaker, entrepreneur, wife, and mom of 3 kids. She is considered a Women’s Wellness Warrior,...
Introduction to Episode Misha Bartlett dives into strategies and outlooks to build success as a female business leader or sales professional. Podcast Episode Summary Misha Bartlett is an entrepreneur, certified coach, and founder of Misha Tamiko. She’s spent 12 years in B2B tech and working with startups. Her focus is working with female-founded startup businesses...
Litha, Summer's Celebration. A reflection of what Litha is, what it can be, and suggestions on how to celebrate.


Essential Oils

Metaphysical & Woo

The Wheel of the Year

My next guest…

Now Accepting Inquiries…

In Season 4, I will be focusing on your identity, how you wear it, how you found it, the ups and downs of owning your identity.

I am prioritizing individuals whose identity is like one not commonly respresented in mainstream media. I am especially interested in interviewing you if you identify as Black, Brown, LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, POC, Woman of Color, Trans, etc.

Please note – I truly believe we all have stories. Season 1, 2, and 3 hosted many Coaches and White women. Season 4 is designed to share more stories we don’t usually hear.

Please also screen yourself with my four qualifying questions:

  1. Do you believe we have a duty to make the world a better place? (required)
  2. Do you have something you are working on that you are passionate about? Maybe it’s your career? Maybe it’s a hobby or a passion project? (required)
  3. Are you a womxn?
  4. Are you a mother?

If you said, “YES,” to the first two, I want to hear your story. If you said, “YES,” to all four, I want to know how you do your identity story and how you live it!

So, if you said, “YES,” click the button below to get on my calendar. I will be accepting interviews for Season 4 from March 2022 through April 2022. I will accept 100 pre-screen interviews. Go ahead and waitlist now. In March or beyond, guests who are a good fit will be invited to interview for a PRE-screen wehre we’ll chat, suss out interview details, align our missions, and figure out the best way to tell your story about your identity.



The Seasons

Season 1, 2019-2020
Season 2, 2020-2021
Season 3, 2021-2022 | non-linear paths to finding your purpose
screening guests and recording interviews
Season 4, 2022-2023 | identity
accepting guest inquiries
Season 5, 2023-2024 | politics
Season 6, 2024-2025 | when your purpose doesn’t work

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I support your message?

First, thank you! Listener support is the only way the message of "Balance Shared" will reach a wider audience.

Download my sponsorship guide. Then, let me know which level you'd like to support, and we'll make it happen.

What is the process to be on your podcast?

First, we do a "pre-screen" call. This makes sure we are aligned in our missions/visions. This makes sure we are both clear on our expectations.

Second, you receive a follow-up email from me with the link to schedule the actual podcast.

What if I'm late to any of the calls?

I give 5 minutes grace, because, hey!, life happens. If we can't connect at the start time we agreed on + 5 minutes, we'll have to reschedule. If you are late to a screening call, I assume you've moved on and are no longer interested.

How long is a podcast interview?

We block 45 minutes and aim to talk for 30 minutes including a pause for a sponsor break.

Can I get the questions in advance?


How can I make sure we spread my message?

Answer the form linked on the confirmation page when you scheduled your time. You tell me the top things you want to discuss. 

Does it cost money to be a guest?


What if I want my episode to air at a very specific day/time?

Each regularly scheduled episode becomes live at 3am PT on Wednesdays during the run of a season. I do my best to align the timing with my guest’s needs, but reserve the right to change. If you want a specific time, you are invited to sponsor an episode (or more).

What is a season?

My seasons run September through June. 

Do I need fancy equipment to be a guest?

You need a device that can connect to a phone call or Zoom. It is helpful to have a headset with a microphone. I send pre-podcast logistics with more details.

Can I listen to my podcast before it airs?


What if I have second thoughts about my episode airing?

I am happy to discuss on an individual basis whether we should air your episode, or not.

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