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Hi! My name is Michelle Lasley, and I have a dream of helping women heal their mind, body, and souls. I do this by helping women get clear on what they want using natural solution tools. I would love the opportunity support you.

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Living a life of natural solutions is a lot about making daily choices to take care of yourself. Join our Spoil Yourself Campaign and Spring into Oils, April 22-24.

What I do

As a heart-centered lioness, I work with you to create the world we all deserve.

Sustainability Guide

Make your home more “environmentally friendly. Make your family more environmentally friendly. Make YOU more environmentally friendly. I will guide you.

Clarity Coach

I provide clarity in your writing, in your technology, in your “what YOU do”. This is where I serve as both computer coach and business coach, helping you to break through barriers, getting clarity.

Focus on Women

Women are the canary in the coalmine measuring our sustainable world. I work with women to heal each other and come together and co-create the world we deserve.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Our One Big Problem.

Our one big problem is sustainability. We have known it for a long time. And, we don’t focus on it. Together, we deserve better. Together, we can come up with thousands of ideas. My focus is directly on sustainability, getting you comfortable with your vision, and healing women, together. 3 strategies, 1 focus, and thousands of ideas to get us there.





What's your vision?

I have a vision for a cleaner, greener world. I believe we get there by working together, sharing our values, I’ll share mine. And, then, let’s meet so I can hear yours!

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Let’s work together to change this world. Connect with me today so we can learn how. Truly, we are better together.

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Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley

Visionary | Dreamer

My name is Michelle Lasley and I am a wife, mother, and native Michigander living in the Pacific Northwest.  I finished my B.A. in Social Science & Sustainable Urban Development from Portland State University the Summer of 2008.  Since I can remember, I have been interested in both education and the environment. Years ago, I articulated my goal of educating people on the importance of a sustainable society.  This space is for my views on all aspects of society.

Being a systems thinker, I like to write about things in terms of society at large. I also write about all things green in my Green Guide, relationships, and family.


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