Balance Shared

Hi! My name is Michelle Lasley, and I have a dream of helping womxn heal their minds, bodies, and souls. I do this by helping womxn get clear on what they want using natural solution tools. I would love the opportunity to support you.

I call my business “Balance Shared”. It‘s the idea that we are ALL better together. Together, we can do more. Together, we can lift each other up. Together, we can heal. Together, we can share in growth and beauty.

So, let’s be better together. Your breakthrough starts with a meeting.

What I do

As a heart-centered lioness, I work with you to create the world we all deserve.

I am your guide in … 


I am a coach. I hold space for YOU.

When I hold space, you are safe to find clarity. When you find clarity, you break through the barriers holding you back. When I hold space, YOU get alignment with YOUR goals.


Moon Magick

We are disconnected from each other, our emotions, and our purpose (of right now). One way to regain those connections is to align with nature’s rhythms. Michelle and Michelle hold space for that, monthly, with the full moon.


Wellness from the inside out. That’s how we heal ourselves. And, essential oils are the single easiest tool to bring whole wellness into your life. Learn how I use them in my health and home. And, I can even show you how too.

I share my message where I … 

Focus on Women

Women are the canary in the coalmine measuring our sustainable world. I work with women to heal each other and come together and co-create the world we deserve.

Host a Podcast

I took the plunge and found a way to share our stories. In this podcast, available on all platforms, I share about my passions and beliefs. And, then, I listen to yours and share yours. Take a listen and learn more.


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