Balance Shared

Hello there! I’m Michelle Lasley, and I’m on a mission to empower women to rejuvenate their minds, bodies, and souls. My approach revolves around guiding women to discover their true desires through the power of natural solutions. I’d be thrilled to have the privilege of supporting you on this transformative journey.

I’ve named my venture “Balance Shared.” It embodies the belief that we thrive when we come together. Collectively, we amplify our potential, lift each other to new heights, and embark on a journey of healing and growth. Together, we celebrate beauty and progress.

Let’s embark on this journey of growth together. Your breakthrough awaits, and it all starts with a conversation.

What I do

As a heart-centered lioness, I work with you to create the world we all deserve.

I am your guide in … 


I serve as a coach who creates a supportive environment exclusively for you. You can confidently seek clarity in this space, breaking free from any obstacles hindering your progress. By holding space, I assist you in aligning with your personal goals – ultimately bringing our world to a better place.

Moon Magick

We often find ourselves disconnected from one another, our emotions, and our current sense of purpose. A powerful avenue to restore these vital connections lies in harmonizing with the natural rhythms of the world. A straightforward method to reconnect to this harmony is by observing the phases of the moon. Through this simple act of connecting with nature, we take an important step towards nurturing our intuition, rediscovering our authentic selves, and wholeheartedly embracing our personal journey of healing. And, when we embrace our personal healing journey, we make it easier for others to do their own work.


We tend to the well-being of our mind, body, and soul through a multifaceted approach. Mind coaching enhances mental clarity, Moon Magick nourishes the soul, and delving deep into our core allows us to reconnect with our physical selves. I am your compass on this journey, assisting you in harmonizing the interplay between contemporary wellness ideologies and the transformative power of plant-based remedies. By addressing both the mind and body, we assemble the missing pieces of the wellness puzzle, bridging the gaps on our path to healing.

I share my message where I … 

Focus on Women

Women are vital early indicators of our planet’s sustainability, much like canaries in a coal mine. My mission involves collaborating with women, fostering healing, unity, and empowerment as we collectively work towards building the world we rightfully deserve.

Host a Podcast

I dove headfirst into creating a platform to share our stories, and now, with this captivating two-season podcast accessible across all platforms, I not only express my passions and beliefs but also eagerly listen to yours and amplify your unique narratives. Join us for a listen and delve deeper into our shared experiences.


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