What’s your vision? Let’s talk.

I see a world where we live in symbiosis with the world around us. We measure our needs with the current known availability of resources. We stop projecting so far in the future we risk running out of basic beauty.

I envision a world where we begin with peace before we entertain the idea of force. I dream of a world where finding our calling is emphasized and we live in a community that supports that dream. I believe in a world where various types of living are all embraced, no matter if we understand them. We listen before we react. We listen with our hearts first. Then, we ask questions.

I see a world where we take such good care of our earth that the question of organic or nonorganic is not even a question because everything is organic. We are reunited with our knowledge of how to take care of things naturally, and we are reuniting our ties to the earth, its seasons, and its connection to the wider universe.

I envision a kaleidoscope of people and ideas that come together for our common good – a planet for all generations ahead and now.

Dream with me. Connect with me. Build with me.