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Litha, Summer's Celebration. A reflection of what Litha is, what it can be, and suggestions on how to celebrate.
Kyira Wackett walks us through recognizing and naming trauma Informed Narrativesby referencing her own experiences and techniques.
Michelle Lasley and Michelle Balge Balance Shared podcast
Michelle Balge, of Worth It Designs, a purpose-driven entrepreneur joins us to talk about her web design and her love for animals. As a purpose-driven entrepreneur, she loves working with other purpose-driven entrepreneurs - helping people help people.
Kamini Wood and Michelle Lasley
Mom of five, Kamini Wood, interrupted her perfectionism to live her authentic self. As a high achiever, she is called to help others live in their authenticity.
Alice Kerby and Michelle Lasley for blog
Dr. Alice Kerby teaches us that somatic simply means of the body, and she shares with us her journey to using the somatic experience to heal trauma.
Katie Thompson Modern Darling Media
This is your sign to do your calling, invites Katie Thompson of Modern Darling Media. Do the thing you love, but do it in a smart way.
Lizzy Renee and Michelle Lasley
Liz Renee (Carlin) continuously works on debunking the stigma of CBD. In this podcast, we discuss many facets of CBD and why you’d want to use it.
Introduction to EpisodeLaura Rowe comes back to discuss ancestral medicine and systemic racism. We believe we have a responsibility to change the system and we discuss pieces of this change.Podcast Episode SummaryLaura and I discuss systemic racism as two white-presenting cis-gendered women. We see a space where we can be quiet, where we can learn,...
Beltaine, the third fertility festival, and the Sabbat that ends the Time of Dawning and welcomes the Time of Light. Let's make an intentional change this Beltaine.
Introduction to Episode Suzanne Carpenter shares her story of overcoming the shame monster of emotional eating, and now she teaches you to do the same thing. Podcast Episode Summary Michigan State University graduate, Suzanne Carpenter, joined me so we could discuss food. Suzanne shares her story of emotional eating and with an eating disorder, through...
Introduction to Episode La-Dana Manhertz will make stress work for you. In this episode we dial into how stress affects the body AND how to get your control back. Podcast Episode Summary La-Dana and I talked for quite awhile about how stress looks, what you get when you work with La-Dana, and how stress really...
Introduction to Episode Yael Rosenstock Gonzalez teaches about sex, reproductive rights, and sexual pleasure. She wants a world full of sex positive relationships. Living her polyamorous, queer life, and also holding many other identities, she is uniquely poised to hold a safe space for these stories. Here is a little bit of hers.  Podcast Episode...

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