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Hi everyone! A note for this episode- due to some technical difficulties this episode ends rather abruptly.Introduction to EpisodeJeff Hahler & Bev Martin explain their reasons for being vegans as […]
Sudeshna Sen discusses what to focus on to both grow your career while also connecting and aligning with what is important in your life.
Marina "The Trader Chick" Villatoro talks about how she built confidence and how she wants to share that confidence in day trading for anyone interested.
Cece Heart talks about building community and sharing hope in safeguarding our environment and becoming empowered, healthy, and happy denizens of Earth.
Irene McKenna is an empowerment coach for moms, founder Irene McKenna LLC, the Empowered Mom Project, and organizes the Facebook community Thrive Motherhood all while being a mom herself.
Introduction to Episode Karen Schopoff shows us how finding balance in all things is about creating boundaries, managing expectations, and recognizing and addressing stress. Podcast Episode Summary Karen Schopoff Rooff […]
Introduction to Episode Misha Bartlett dives into strategies and outlooks to build success as a female business leader or sales professional. Podcast Episode Summary Misha Bartlett is an entrepreneur, certified […]
Litha, Summer's Celebration. A reflection of what Litha is, what it can be, and suggestions on how to celebrate.
Kyira Wackett walks us through recognizing and naming trauma Informed Narrativesby referencing her own experiences and techniques.
Michelle Lasley and Michelle Balge Balance Shared podcast
Michelle Balge, of Worth It Designs, a purpose-driven entrepreneur joins us to talk about her web design and her love for animals. As a purpose-driven entrepreneur, she loves working with other purpose-driven entrepreneurs - helping people help people.
Kamini Wood and Michelle Lasley
Mom of five, Kamini Wood, interrupted her perfectionism to live her authentic self. As a high achiever, she is called to help others live in their authenticity.
Alice Kerby and Michelle Lasley for blog
Dr. Alice Kerby teaches us that somatic simply means of the body, and she shares with us her journey to using the somatic experience to heal trauma.

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