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My name is Michelle Lasley, and I am your guide.

I support individuals, especially womxn, on their – YOUR – journey of growth and empowerment.

If you find yourself frustrated by indirection – you don’t know what career or project next step to take. If you need someone to talk to, someone who will listen to your deeper story. I am your guide.

If you find yourself confused by the technology in your life. Maybe things aren’t syncing the way they should. Maybe you don’t know how to use your phone, computer, or tablet in the most efficient way possible. Maybe you got a virus and you can’t get it to go away. For this, I am your guide.

Maybe you are sleepier than you want. Maybe your digestion is groggy. Maybe you just feel… ick. And, you are looking for natural solutions to support your health and your home. For this, I am your guide.

As your coach, or your breakthrough guide, I will sit with you and help you focus on you. I work with womxn looking to dig into their purpose – either starting a new business, revamping an existing business, or choosing the right career. As your coach, we work weekly in six-month agreements until you get where you want.

Group coaching is where we gather around a topic in small groups. You benefit from guided discussions and the wisdom of the group. Group coaching is offered in monthly packages.

When I show up as your computer coach, or computer concierge, the goal is to make sure you are empowered in your technology. We meet when you need, in person (masked and I’m vaccinated) in the Portland Metro area or on Zoom.

Natural solutions bring us closer to nature and offer gentle supports whether we are boosting our immune system, cleaning our home, or looking for aromatherapy supports in our coaching. Some coaching packages include custom essential oil kits.


I work with clients in 6-month packages. We meet weekly and you get access to some of my other services, like my monthly moon circles and a custom coaching essential oil support gift. Packages start at $5,555.00 and are paid in full or in monthly installments.

If you only need to know how your computer/phone/tablet and related software works, that pricing starts at $55.55/hour.


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