Heal Women, Heal the World

I believe we are the canary in the coal mine. The more layers you add to our identity as “womxn” the brighter a canary we become. We are the healers of our home. We are the nurturers. We are the ones breaking through glass ceilings claiming our power. Together, we are women.

We deserve a sustainable world for ourselves, for our partners, for our children. We need to heal ourselves and each other, first.


Join me. Let’s make this a revolution of love.

It takes a network

I am called to heal women. To do that, we need to band together, set ego aside, work on ourselves, and mentor each other. Join my network, and let’s truly empower women together. When we do that, when we heal women, we will heal the world.


Listening Groups

Last year, I hosted and invited women to join me in various listening groups and sessions. The idea is that in order to heal, we need to seek first to understand then be understood. So, we need practice listening. Let’s chat over coffee and learn more together.

Book Discussions

Another avenue where we get deeper is through book discussions. Last year, we read Bren√© Brown’s Braving the Wilderness. Stay tuned for more book discussions where we dive deep and grow together. Click the button to learn more over coffee!


Ultimately, we need deeper connections to each other in order to fully heal. Another avenue I provide connections is through weekend retreats and workshops. Click the button to learn more over coffee.

Love Revolution

Finally, we are embarking on a love revolution. Kindness, compassion, and love will heal us. And, as we heal, those around us will too. Let’s do this, together. Click the button to learn more. We can get together and chat about our visions, our dreams, and how to co-create this dream, together.


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