Women’s Empowerment Network

What’s your vision? Let’s talk.

I see a network of women, knit together through chapters, across the United States. These beautiful women range in age from young adults to very old. They range in cultural backgrounds. They are knit together by needs all women share from education, professional, familial, and other relationships. They come together from a base of healing.

Every woman needs support when transitioning from home to education and career. Every woman needs support when venturing on her own in the world. We all encounter various situations that are joyful and frustrating, and sometimes our closest support is unable to help us through the transition.

That’s where a Women’s Empowerment Network comes in. We are a group of unbiased, nonjudgmental, supportive women grounded in healing. We are here to support a woman through any transition she is going through. We support by simply listening, maybe a hug, maybe a cup of tea. We are here to support women like you. Maybe you need something more, perhaps you need a professional to help you navigate the difficult waters you are now swimming. Maybe you need references to other resources. Maybe you just need a connection to a community.

Join us as we build this network together. Healing one woman at a time, to heal our world.


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