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Get Well

We work… too much. We have trouble with boundaries. We maintain sick care, rather than well-care. We don’t get enough sleep. We don’t eat right.

And, then, we wonder why we are sick.

Wellness begins from the inside out. And, we need to be well in order to heal the rest of our world. We have to put our best foot forward to take care of those we love. If we are sick all the time, how can we have the energy to run around and catch the wee-ones, or finish those work projects, or take the kids to all their activities? 

The fact is, we can’t. And, the time to prioritize wellness is now.

Book a complimentary 30 minutes today, and we will find where you need clarity to get well.

Book your wellness

If you’ve already had your complimentary session, let’s meet again and dig into your goals.

Wellness can be complicated or simple, but never easy. Wellness usually means changing our Standard American way of doing things and reframing our care. Wellness usually means taking a hard look at habits or things we didn’t even think we’re wrong. And, to do that, well… well… it’s handy to have time.

When considering wellness, I meet people one-on-one and in classes. You can also host your own class.

Wellness Consult

We will meet for 30-minutes and discuss your wellness concerns and goals. You will be offered some solutions. We will enjoy each others company and walk away pleased to meet. We can meet in person or online.

Cost: the price of a cup of coffee + any kits you choose to invest in

Take a Class

Group learning is a fun way to mastermind our wellness. I host classes all the time on wellness – discussing things like back to school, emotions, intimacy, rituals, and so much more. Check out my Eventbrite page and RSVP to a class today.

Cost: $5 donation for supplies + any oils or kits you decide to invest in

Host a Class

Find time on my schedule that works with yours! Invite your friends who are excited as you are to get well. Then, we’ll discuss wellness in the comfort of your home (or a location you choose).

Cost: light nibbles and beverages + opportunity to earn commissions


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