Wellness Guide

Get Well

We work… too much. We have trouble with boundaries. We maintain sick care, rather than well-care. We don’t get enough sleep. We don’t eat right.

And, then, we wonder why we are sick.

Wellness begins from the inside out. And, we need to be well in order to heal the rest of our world. We have to put our best foot forward to take care of those we love. If we are sick all the time, how can we have the energy to run around and catch the wee-ones, or finish those work projects, or take the kids to all their activities? 

The fact is, we can’t. And, the time to prioritize wellness is now.

Navigate your wellness

Moon Circle Art Michelle Lasley Michelle Valenzuela

Moon Circles

We are missing our connection with nature’s rythms. So, let’s get back to nature, and let’s get back to ourselves. In these twice monthly circles, we will meet on the new and full moon, in community, in sisterhood, and get our connections back.

Joy Consult


Every one of us has an opportunity to uplevel the amount of joy we are experiencing on any given day. In this workshop or one-on-one, we will dive into the science of why you want to live in joy, above the line, and then we will make time to get it IN YOUR schedule. This workshop sets you up for success to live in joy, every day.

Essential Oils

Essetiial Oils

Getting back to nature, getting in touch with our rhythms, living a life full of wellness is easier when we use essential oils. These pure, potent, plant drops connect us directly back to nature, one drop at a time. Read more about essential oils and book a wellness consult today, where we will dive into how you can use essential oils to support your unique you.