It’s Sunday

The problem is that I feel as if I squandored the day. We had such beautiful weather it was perfect for line drying, a walk, eating outside, anything. Not too hot, not too cold. In fact, I even wore a thin, long sleeved shirt — all day. Perfect weather. My accomplishment for the day, though, has been to tidy the kitchen counters. That’s it.

Grave’s Disease

I met someone, a nurse, yesterday who has (had) Grave’s Disease! She’s been dealing with it for 11 years. Her experience, in the brief time we chatted was very different from me. It made me realize. There is no known Portland Area Grave’s Disease...

Grave’s Update

Thus far: Diagnosed hyperthyroidism Sep 2007 Began beta blocker Confirmed Grave’s Disease Oct 2007 Imaging confirms Grave’s Uptake is 98% Continued beta blocker & added methimazole ER trip for tachycardia Nov 2007 Endocrinologist Jan 2008 Drug therapy...

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