Bi-Monthly Renovation

I haven’t been able to rearrange the living room, so I’ve been experimenting with themes instead. My favorite theme by Bytesforall is broken, so I’m back to WordPress 3.2 default, 2011. C’est la vie. If you know of a good custom header theme...

Anonymous Real Life

I am accepting, more, that we all live emotional lives. We do things based on the feelings we have at any given moment. We express love when we feel gratitude. We express shame through various acts when we’re embarrassed or know we’ve done something wrong. So, with this One-a-Day-Challenge, I’ve also accepted this space as a way to explore those many emotions I have in any given period.

The Return of Tactile

When people ask me if I use a bread machine, I (sometimes smugly) boast, “I am the bread machine.” I learned from my mistakes. I created this thing my family actually wants to eat and asks for it. It is an amazing sense of success in this world of convenience.