Rousseau & the First Discourse

This was a paper written for Professor Curtis Stokes at Michigan State University for my MC 370 class (taken for the 2nd time). Note: Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the First Discourse: on whether the restoration of the Sciences and Arts has contributed to the purification...

Soccer Success

[flickrslideshow acct_name=”alexis22578″ id=”72157627563624705″] Before the game, he was grumpy, refused to get dressed, eat, and was generally in a very bad mood. Timeouts. Talks. Rules set. The rules: Use your words. Behave. You have to try....

The Kids Table

The issue, though, highlights our society’s segregation. Growing up, all we want to do is grow up. We want so badly to be part of adult conversations and play at the big table. Adults, patiently, deal with our repetitive manners, and when they get a chance to be at the adult table and drink their wine, they take it.


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