Pajama Party

Levi loves Pajama day… Really, the question is: does it matter? Our rules on social etiquette and what one should wear when going out are completely lax compared to previous decades. And, when one is 4 years old — what does it really matter? My vote? Not much at all.

What a Headache

The job desire comes from wanting this idea of a career and this need to pay off the debt incurred to get through college. I can’t get the latter volunteering although I get the satisfaction desired. So, really, the goal is to work through current obligations while finding that magical combination that will keep our livelihood the way we want it and allow for self sanctification without the stress.

Four Years Ago

Here is the obligatory annual Cristi reflection. Not a day goes by where I don’t think of my late sister. Not a day goes by where I don’t stop to wonder what life would be like to grow older with the sister who was closest to my twin. Not a day goes by...

Poop Metamorphasis

When they are young, still swaddled tightly it’s adorable. But, when they should be learning to use the toilet, what once was cute and worth a chuckle brings fits of rage. There were a few things I was deeply concerned about when becoming a parent. Poop and...

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