Another Technical Post

I have not upgraded to 3.1.2 yet. But, I was able to smooth out some headers, delete a widget, erase a header, and organize a few other fonts. I added Google’s “Special Elite” for its typewrite look as a highlight/contrast to the “Reenie...

Learning by Smartphone

I needed two phone numbers, right then – at that moment. I didn’t have them. It was a technical difficulty with a conference phone we were using. We had to patch our two callers in instead of using the call-in number. I never wrote their numbers down. My...

Upgrade to WordPress 3.0.4

Pardon the site while I am managing this upgrade. I’ve had some technical issues since they released this upgrade in December. Tonight, I am remedying those issues. Thanks for your patience while I ensure menus and widgets are all up to speed.

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