Sustainability Guide

Co-Creating Our Future

“I want to educate people on the importance of a sustainable society.”

So, I co-authored a sustainability guide.

Then, I did it again.

I worked for a nonprofit geared towards teaching citizens stewardship.

I started a food buying club.

I sell essential oils.

The bottom line, that I have noticed since I was 11 years old, is that we are polluting our environment, polluting our bodies, polluting our minds. And, we deserve better than that. Our friends and family deserve better than that. Our neighbors on this Earth deserve better than that.

Going green can be confusing, and sometimes we need someone to help guide us toward a way that works for us. Truly, many hands make light work, and in this big problem of too much CO2 in the air, too much trash in the ocean, too much pollution in our air and water, we have to do both big and small things. I guide you with the things you can do at home. When you start to notice changes at home, you then become a part of the larger solution, changing the system that so desperately needs an overhaul.

How do you want me to guide you today?


Guide My Home

Do you want to know how to make your home more environmentally friendly? Do you want to cut the toxic-cleaners, learn how to go green, and do it on a budget? Let’s meet for a consult where I will guide you.

Guide My Health

Do you feel like you could be feeling better? Often, it’s our environment and what we put in our bodies that directly affects our health. Let’s meet for a consult to see where we can optimize your health.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are the main tool I use to keep a toxic free life at home, for my family, and even away from home. I use oils to support a clean home, support all aspects of my health and my family’s health, and even support the mood in my home. Learn more about how I use oils, safely, in my home.


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