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Introduction to EpisodeShe found herself processing grief through writing and she gave birth to so much more. In this interview Alexa Bigwarfe shares how she found the Women in Publishing […]
Introduction to Episode Erin Everleigh learned she had to change the narrative and just do it if she was going to tell the story that was burning inside her. Podcast […]
Introduction to Episode Aimee Biondolillo joins me and shares her story of finding her passion and mission. Specifically, she found health after her come to Jesus moment. Podcast Episode Summary […]
Introduction to Episode Further celebrations of the return of light. We began our light return celebrations with Yule, and we will continue with IMbolc.  Podcast Episode Summary In this episode, […]
Introduction to Episode Samantha Gillis takes light workers and morphs them into light warriors, raising the consciousness of humanity.  Podcast Episode Summary Samantha, mother of two, works with individuals who […]
Introduction to Episode There are three pillars to happiness, personal development and health and wellness. Gillian Duncan talks about how she figured this out how she works with women to […]
roduction to Episode My guest today is Andrea Procida, a fellow essential oil educator and enthusiast. Andrea has found her calling in health coaching after tirelessly advocating for her own […]
Introduction to Episode Ashlee Angelus comes back to continue our conversation. We discussed, in depth the harrowing aspects motherhood can have for some mothers. In this episode, we discuss how […]
Introduction to Episode Today’s guest, Ashlee Angelus, tells us about growing up with labels, breaking through, and the harrowing journey to becoming a mother of a Rainbow Baby. Ashlee shares […]
Introduction to Episode In this episode, I discuss the patterns of Yule and what we could be doing to align our patterns with those we see in nature. Podcast Episode […]
Introduction to Episode In today’s episode, I sit down with shift-disturber, Farah Fancy. Farah is a self-proclaimed Artist Doula who works to prepare people for creation. Podcast Episode Summary Farah […]
Introduction to Episode My guest today is Michelle Gay, a business coach who helps business owners strengthen their businesses by getting to the root of their needs and values. Podcast […]

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