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Katie Thompson Modern Darling Media
This is your sign to do your calling, invites Katie Thompson of Modern Darling Media. Do the thing you love, but do it in a smart way.
Lizzy Renee and Michelle Lasley
Liz Renee (Carlin) continuously works on debunking the stigma of CBD. In this podcast, we discuss many facets of CBD and why you’d want to use it.
Introduction to EpisodeLaura Rowe comes back to discuss ancestral medicine and systemic racism. We believe we have a responsibility to change the system and we discuss pieces of this change.Podcast […]
Beltaine, the third fertility festival, and the Sabbat that ends the Time of Dawning and welcomes the Time of Light. Let's make an intentional change this Beltaine.
Introduction to Episode Suzanne Carpenter shares her story of overcoming the shame monster of emotional eating, and now she teaches you to do the same thing. Podcast Episode Summary Michigan […]
Introduction to Episode La-Dana Manhertz will make stress work for you. In this episode we dial into how stress affects the body AND how to get your control back. Podcast […]
Introduction to Episode Yael Rosenstock Gonzalez teaches about sex, reproductive rights, and sexual pleasure. She wants a world full of sex positive relationships. Living her polyamorous, queer life, and also […]
Introduction to Episode Michelle Valenzuela learned how manifesting magic worked at a very young age. Learn how she integrates simple magic with every day. Podcast Episode Summary Michelle Valenzuela developed […]
Introduction to Episode Ostara is the Spring Equinox. How can we use the wisdom found during this time to inform our lives of inquiry? Embrace learning to question through Ostara. […]
Introduction to Episode Compassion for Olga’s daughter led to a path of neurofeedback where choices to practice became a no-brainer choice to healing.  Podcast Episode Summary Neurofeedback became the no-brainer […]
Introduction to Episode Olga Ward discovered the cost of trauma while healing her adopted daughter and herself. In this episode, we discuss how she discovered her path to healing. Podcast […]
Introduction to Episode Brad Long works to inspire people in realizing financial independence. He wagers that if more people were realizing financial independence we’d have happier more contented people giving […]

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