Moon Deck

Moon Deck is a calendar that never expires. This 86 card deck will allow you to align your schedule with nature’s rhythms.

Timing the Moon Deck

The Moon Deck will be available for pre-order from October 15-October 31. All decks and add-ons will be printed and secured in November. Decks and add-on products will be shipped to you by either Michelle and her son OR the producer of the add-on product. The estimated delivery is December 21, 2021.

Are you in flow with nature’s rhythms?

I love aligning my days with nature’s rhythms. And I made a tool to make it easier. I would like to introduce you to my Moon Deck! 

My Moon Deck is a perpetual calendar, a calendar that never expires. This 86 card deck, with booklet, will allow you to lay out your day, week, or month, and overlay the sun and moon, with the elements, and with the celebrations from the Wheel of the Year! 

Come make magick with me.

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Until Next Time

I hope you got your moon deck and amazing offerings from these mom-makers! I hope to bring the moon deck back. I have plans to incorporate numerology and affirmations in the next deck. Interested in getting your hands on the next deck? Sign up below to be the first to know.

Meet the Makers

Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley

Coach | Visionary | Dreamer | Strategist

Michelle Lasley is a coach | visionary | dreamer | strategist who believes we MUST heal womxn to heal the world. She coaches on wellness, breakthroughs, and technology. She is excited to bridge her love of the metaphysical and her skills in holding space for these quarterly gardening and moon magick sessions.

Michelle created the Moon Deck, a whimsical 86 card deck to help you align your days with nature.

Lea K Tawd

Lea K Tawd

Artist, Reiki Master | Teacher

Lea K. Tawd is an Artist, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Author of “Creativity Unstuck: a toolbox for making more art.” All of her original art is infused with Reiki energy healing. She also offers Reiki sessions and teaches classes.
Tori Daw

Tori Daw

Witch | Creator

Tori is a witch and creator from the Pacific Northwest, with a passion for mindfulness, soul care, and nontoxic living. These passions came together to manifest Healistic Reserve lunar bath rituals, an extension of Tori herself.
Catherine Jabusch

Catherine Jabusch

the Woodland Wandolier

This is Cait. She is a self-taught mixed media artist, creator of wands and forest-inspired practical magic for the altar, theater, adornment, and delight. Cait combines different materials and techniques to create focus tools, playthings, and spirit nurturing goods. She creates her pieces by hand – every step in creation. Cait draws inspiration from the enchanted forest where she lives, in mysticism, folklore, pagan mythology, fairy tales. She evokes themes of nature and otherworldly possibilities to lift your heart and make you smile.
Jessica Johns

Jessica Johns


Jessica is a multi-medium, self-taught artist focusing on a combination of ink and watercolor painting, creating her own unique style. Her favorite thing about art is that it is limitless and has no rules! Art can evoke emotion and express things that words cannot. She lives in Oregon with her husband and two boys and is usually at the baseball field if she’s not painting.
Emily Mieren

Emily Mieren

Maker, Healer, Coach

Emily Mieren is a lifelong entrepreneur, a certified holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and has been working with women in the areas of fitness and nontoxic living, plant medicine and essential oils, self-love, and a positive mindset, with a bit of nutrition and movement thrown in there… for over a decade. In 2020, Emily launched a nontoxic, yet luxury, candle company, where Light and Glow was born. Emily loves to imbue a sense of self-care + wellbeing into every single one of her candles and hopes the customer feels this “glow” when they light their candle.

This is a Mom-Owned-Business Collaboration



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