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Sometimes we need Guided Flow

Are you tired of moving month to month without any flow? Are you ready to get more in alignment with the world around you and your purpose? I believe we are all better together. And, when I mean “we”, I mean all of us. Truly everyone – from those who really know their purpose and are connected to their environment to those who are just starting out. I am here to hold space for us to learn together, to mastermind together, to make magick together.

Come make magick with me.

You're invited.

You are invited to come make magick with me and the moon circles we will create, together.

We will review the current phases, what signs they are in, what energies they offer us. And, with that knowledge, we will align with our goals, our desires, and our dreams.

We will then mastermind affirmations, receive journaling prompts, intuit essential oil blends and other metaphysical supports. By co-creating together, not only do we better support ourselves, but we make magick that will ripple out to the wider world.

Meet Your Moon Guides

Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley


Michelle Lasley is a visionary | dreamer | strategist who believes we MUST heal womxn to heal the world. She coaches on wellness, breakthroughs, and technology. She is excited to bridge her love of the metaphysical and her skills in holding space for these quarterly gardening and moon magick sessions.

Michelle Valenzuela

Michelle Valenzuela


Michelle Valenzuela works under the moniker, Pink Sage Essentials, and serves as a doTERRA wellness advocate. Michelle is passionate about teaching people how to improve their lives through the use of the moon’s energies, manifesting, and using essential oils. Michelle is a seeker of everyday magic. She believes bringing all of these things together helps us become successful and become the best versions of ourselves. 

What you get.

For 2022, we will circle up 13 times.

Monthly Circles

We will gather once per month for the full moon. We will gather for 2 hours. Michelle and I will hold space for us to review the energies the moon presents us, for us to plan for the month ahead and reflect on what happened since we last met. We will mastermind affirmations. We will intuit essential oil blends. We will be kindly accountable to each other. Then, we will give you work for the new moon, so you are supported for the full month.

Early Access to Other Magickal Work

When you are a part of this community, you will get early access to any other magickal creations we set out for the world.

Access to Online Community

It is really important to be able to keep the momentum going after undergoing connecting and being so vulnerable. As such, you will be invited to join our online community of fellow makers of moon magick, a community of womxn who are looking to change our world. This online community is run through Mighty Networks. You can get a glimpse here.

Full Moon

Circle Details

We will meet twice a month. Each time we meet, we will meet on Zoom at 6 pm PT. Upon registration, you will get the Zoom link for each circle. Each circle will have its own Zoom link. Be sure to bring a journal, your favorite writing utensil, and carve out a quiet, loving place for yourself. Space is capped at 13 participants, total, including your facilitators. Sign up now to guarantee your spot.

When We Meet

We meet on the Friday before the Full Moon. When I (Michelle L.) build out the year calendar, every single year, I inevitably make mistakes comparing all the calendars. So, I ask a wee bit of grace when you look at this list of dates we meet! 

Fri, Jan 14, 2022

Fri, Feb 4, 2022

Fri, Mar 18, 2022

Fri, Apr 15, 2022


Fri, May 13, 2022

Fri, Jun 10, 2022

Fri, Jul 8, 2022

Fri, Aug 5, 2022

Fri, Sep 9, 2022

Fri, Oct 7, 2022

Fri, Nov 4, 2022

Fri, Dec 2, 2022

New Moon

Why should I sign up?

You should sign up if you have a hard time holding space for yourself to complete your visions.

You should sign up if you have a passion project you need guidance on while you finesse and/or launch it.

You should sign up if you are looking for someone to ask you great questions and help you uncover more of what you want.

You should sign up if you are looking to get more alignment with our environment and your visions.

You should sign up if you are looking to get that alignment through our sacred community.


Our Guidelines

  • Show up with understanding
  • Judgment free zone, please 
  • Assume confidentiality, what is said in the circle stays in the circle
  • We have invitations to participate, it is highly encouraged though not required
  • Share inspiration from the Visionary Activist Principles

How to join

  1. Click any of the buttons to join. 
  2. Enter your payment information into the system.
  3. Watch your email for instructions and confirmations.
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