Moon Circles

connect with your sacred sisterhood in our moon circle

Together, we take our spirituality seriously.

For three years, Michelle and Michelle have been making moon magick together. We do this because we believe we are stronger in sacred sisterhood. So, together, we hold space to align our rhythms with nature. We honor the full moon, teach on the new moon, mastermind together, and co-create, together.
With 13 sisters in total, we work to build flow, together. We work to align for our purpose (of right now). We believe we are better together. And we mean all of us.

Let’s deepen our sacred sistership by taking our spirituality deeper, one full moon at a time.

Let’s make magick, together.

Making Magick, Differently

We’re changing things up this year.

We want connection.

Not barriers.

We want spiritual growth.

We want deep shadow work.

And, frankly, we took on other jobs that call to us, and we have limited time. So, we are spending our time curating this space and inviting you along. As a gift.

There is a cost to running these circles, and you’re welcome to help offset the cost.

But, we just want you here, so we can deepen our relationships, heal, together.

Michelle Lasley with Oracle Card

Join for the year, deepen your sisterhood

You can join just a few circles, or you can join for the whole year. If you want to join for the whole year, and you commit now, we’ll invite you to our sacred sisterhood group. In that group (Facebook), we’ll share recipes, ideas, journal prompts, silliness, and otherwise deepen our relationships with each other outside of our circles.

We must heal together if we are to heal our world. Moon Circles are a sacred way to build that healing.

Join us.

Meet Your Teachers

Michelle and Michelle have been teaching on the moon for many years and together for over three years, building this sacred sisterhood. Both grew up Catholic and have felt a calling to nature and more nature-inspired spirituality. They bring their love of exploration, anti-racism, truly changing the world, and whimsy to each circle. Make magick with us.

Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley


Michelle Lasley is an organizer and coach at heart. She has a long history of working to make the world a more sustainable, regenerative place. That’s one reason she curated these “Moon Circles” with Michelle Valenzuela. A place where, in sisterhood, we strive to deepen our spirituality and our alignment with nature’s rhythms. Right now, Michelle spends much of her time as a “Changemaker Organizer,” working to build a child care system based on racial and gender justice.

Michelle Valenzuela

Michelle Valenzuela


Michelle Valenzuela works under the moniker curiouspinksage and serves as a doTERRA wellness advocate. Michelle is passionate about teaching people how to improve their lives through using the moon’s energies, manifesting, and using essential oils. Michelle is a seeker of everyday magic. She believes bringing all of these things together helps us become successful and become the best versions of ourselves.


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