The Computer Concierge

No More Fear

Technology can be scary when you don’t know what questions to ask. Sometimes there is an underlying fear that you will “blow something up”.

I am here to help. I can help you ask the questions you don’t know how to ask. I bridge the gap between “techno-nerd-speak” and “layman”. I can help you navigate all the ins and outs of your phone, your computer, and other technologies in your home.

Don’t let technological fear rule you anymore. Book a complimentary 30 minutes today, and we will find where you need support.

What Clients Say…

I am a big fan Michelle’s. She has helped me time and again with endless technical and technological challenges. From getting a new laptop up and seamlessly synced to other devices, to helping my newsletter, to random issues that pop up here and there and everywhere, she is truly a gift. So helpful, and above all, so quick!! 

I’d recommend her to anyone who experiences technical difficulties in any way — hardware, software, social media platforms, newsletters, blogs. Somehow she just knows it all. 

If you’re a woman or a #girlboss building your empire but not wanting to deal with all the backend challenges, you’re especially lucky! She’ll take great care of you. 

Emily Mieren

Functional Nutrition and Wellness Coach, Wellness by Emily

Michelle was amazing to work with from the first step to the end! Scheduling an appointment with her is very easy via her website and she sent me great follow up information after our meeting as well to refer back to. I had some tech issues I wanted to brainstorm with her and I really enjoyed meeting via zoom with her so she could see my issues and walk me through it step by step from my own home! I wanted to solve some tech issues of how to become more organized and visual for our families calendar. Michelle understood my issues easily, listened to me and would work at my pace for understanding the issue. I feel that she is a natural teacher and I love how she was able to re-cap our meeting as we were going on to help me and not lose me! I feel she really listened to me and cared to help solve my issues. I would highly recommend scheduling a consult with Michelle to see how she can help you with a tech issue or even health/wellness concerns. She makes it easy and enjoyable! Thanks again Michelle, you probably helped my marriage too, to be able to now see everyone’s calendar!

Mandy Garber

I had multiple problems with two computers and my iPhone, and Michelle Lasley solved all of them, or walked me through solving them. There were underlying problems that took time to fix, so the whole thing took three sessions, and it was well worth it. She was patient, professional, and competent. I ended up with two computers and a phone that work exactly the way I want them to. This included: Setting up both of my active email accounts to access through gmail, since the email program I had been using for years was being phased out. Setting up Google Calendar to sync with my phone. Setting up a contacts list to sync with the phone. Setting up the correct email accounts on the phone. Fixing the broken clock on the computer. Moving my multiple domain registrations to the same company that hosts my websites and email. That’s all I can remember right now, but there may have been other problems that got fixed. I am a happy customer.

Sylvia Allen

Writer, Ebisu Associates

[Michelle takes] on projects especially when [she knows she] can do it more efficiently than … I. [She has an ability] to quickly resolve confusion I have with systems I am less familiar with.  For instance, I never worked with Gmail before. [Michelle has] an innate sense of systems and [is] not easily confounded.  So [she has] often come to my rescue learning, for instance, [our in-house database] especially.

Robert Barzler


… In my [four years] experience with Michelle, I have found her to be a great asset for [the organization]. Michelle is very detail oriented and has outstanding follow through. She is a strong communicator and always asks for clarification if she does not understand something clearly. She listens and is always interested in finding more streamlined ways to complete a project. She is thorough in her work. She has an excellent ability to keep the big picture in mind, while managing small details. This is a skill that not many people possess.

Michelle has also been a great ambassador for [the organization] over the past [three] years… when everything was changing around her, she was calm and cool under some very pressurized situations … and always willing to try and learn and do things better… to make things run smoothly “next time.” I appreciate Michelle’s can do approach and her ability to accomplish things within the designated time frames.

Janey Greenlees

Owner, Anchor Pointe


Computer/phone/tablet and related software coaching starts at $55.55/hour. Life and business coaching starts at $5,555 for 6-month packages.

It starts with a phone call. How can I serve you so you can start your tech breakthrough? How can I serve as your computer concierge?

Do you already know what you need? Have we already worked together. Book an hour with me, and let’s get your tech problems solved. (The links on this page are all for online (Zoom) appointments. For in-person, send me a note, and we’ll get you scheduled!)