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The Power of the Proper Nutrition

Your teachers will cover how doTERRA’s special line of supplements beautifully compliments regular oil use, why having great supplements is so important to great health, and how to safely use them.

Essential Oil Continuing Education

*During our COVID-19 quarantine, this class will be held online. Eventbrite links vary. Email to find out more.

The weekly rotation will follow these themes, with some bonus classes.

I have my oils now what
Nutrition and supplements
Toxic Free Living
Oils for Every Age
Essential Skin Care
Stress, Sleep, and Emotions
Women’s Health and Hormones
Essential Oils and Pain

Concierge Computing

Sign up for this 30-minute class to learn more about how to use your computer. Each class will be individualized as needed by the group. The goal is to get you comfortable using your computer. Ask questions for systems and their respective software for Mac, PC, and more.

Cost $20
Use code “STAYATHOME” and this class will be my gift during our quarantine.

Beginning in February 2020, this class will move from Wednesday to Monday.


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