A Gift of Clarity

get clear on your tech and your life

Get Clear

Do you ever wonder how you should do a thing? Then clarity is what you are looking for.

  • It could be using your computer.
  • It could be writing a resume.
  • It could be identifying what it is you do.

No matter what the thing, there is an element of trying to figure out the unknowns you don’t know when it comes to doing the thing.

You want clarity.

You want it now.

But, you can’t see what you are missing. It’s difficult to tease out because of what’s holding you back. That’s where a “Clarity Coach” comes into play.

From November 1 through November 30, 2019, I am gifting one-hour transformation calls that will help you get clear. Schedule your spot today. Only 30 spaces will be gifted.


What is this gift?

This is an invitation for 30 women to experience a transformational phone call that will help them clarify one issue they are working on. 

I have seen so many of us get lost. We get lost in the roles we have, the roles we think we should have, and the roles other people think we should have. Sometimes it takes someone else to help us peel back the layers so we can rediscover who we are. 

This gift is a sacred, held space, where you can focus on YOU. 

This gift is a chance for you to talk to someone objectively about what you are working on, what is coming up for you. 

This gift is a space for you to consider the inputs and outputs and unpack changes you can make to get closer to YOU.

This gift is a new beginning.

This gift is not…

The end…

The whole story…

A be all to end all…

For you, if you are hesitating.

What this gift includes:

30 transformative conversations during November 2019.

Each conversation is my gift to you, me fully showing up to serve you right now, helping you get clear on what you are working on. 

Each conversation is 60 minutes. There is an option to have it recorded with two-days advanced notice. 

The “Rules” of the Gift

  1. There are 30 spots. There is no waitlist. If you hesitate, this project is not for you. Your heart, head, or gut will tell you immediately. If it’s not a “hell yes” it’s a “hell, no”, and that’s okay.
  2. This project runs from November 1 through November 30, 2019. 
  3. Each conversation is 60 minutes. Recordings upon request with two days notice. 
  4. The goal of this session is to really dig into what is going on with you right now. I will ask hard questions. I will listen, deeply. Because the goal is also to get you to stretch your thinking and see possibility. 
  5. I have been doing these conversations for a little bit now, and I see a range of things. Awe, beauty, sadness, clarity. My goal is to help you be clear, and we need all the emotional teachers to come out sometimes to help us get clear. There is no shame in feeling. 

How to join

  1. Click the button above or below to join. 
  2. Find time on my calendar that works for you
  3. Fill out the questionnaire and hit submit 

In addition to these 30 transformative conversations, I will be inviting select people to work with me one on one and to be considered for a select programs starting in January 2020. 

Why now?

I heard about this project through a few coaches I have had the pleasure of working with over the last few years. Some use it as a way to reconnect with their purpose. Some have used it as a strategy to launch their business. Some have used it to reconnect with the people they love to serve. 

No matter the reason, the goal of this project is to serve, full out, for those called to join. 

I have held listening sessions with this intent. 

I have worked on listening to stories of why people want to go green and build a sustainable life. 

This time, I want to serve you on your purpose… which actually is a culmination of all of these projects. I believe women need to fully heal before our mother earth can fully heal. I believe our healing is the keystone for harmony at home and bringing the masculine and feminine back into balance. 

I believe it is your time to shine, and my gift is to help you light up that space where you shine brightest.


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