Clarity Coach

Get Clear

Do you ever wonder how you should do a thing? Then clarity is what you are looking for. It could be using your computer. It could be writing a resume. It could be identifying what it is you do. No matter what the thing, there is an element of trying to figure out the unknowns you don’t know when it comes to doing the thing. You want clarity. You want it now.

Book a complimentary 30 minutes today, and we will find where you need clarity.

Computer Coach

I coach women on how to use their computers. Whether you use a Mac or a PC, if there is something about your computer you don’t know how to do, I can teach you how. I can clear up the mud of technology. Ask me how. Ask me how to get clear with your computer.


Career Coach

Looking for a new job? Need to polish the resume and cover letter? Not sure how to tell your story, assess your skills, and you also need some light interview prep? Let’s get clear on your career together. Book 30 minutes today.

Business Coach

You have the thing you do, but you aren’t sure what some of your next steps are. I will guide you on your next steps through an inquisitive process, ensuring we are doing what you want to do. Let’s get clear on your business today.


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