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one on one sessions to get you back to your flow

Do you need your joy back?

Are you feeling life? Or are you numb to it? Do you get lost in mindless habits? Are you overeating? Are you overspending? Are you feeling anxious? Do you feel connected to those in your life? Do you feel connected to your environment? Do you find yourself going to black and white thinking? Do you have a hard time focusing on your work?

If you found yourself shaking your head no to any of these, you might need more joy in your life.

When you are in joy...

You are in joy when you are laughing. You are in joy when you add beauty and creativity to your life, often. You are in joy when you give back, generously. 

When we are in joy, we are living at our highest vibration. We are close to God. When we are in joy, the stressors of life don’t bother us, because we can see our purpose. 

Joy is play. Love. Life. Joy is playfully living life full of laughter. Joy is leaving people and the space around us better than when we found it.

Do you have your joy? Or, have you lost your joy?

Joy Consult

My name is Michelle

Hi! I am Michelle Lasley, and I will serve as your Joy Guide. I am a coach | visionary | dreamer | strategist who believes we MUST heal womxn to heal the world. I coach on wellness, breakthroughs, and technology. I am so excited to bridge my love of the metaphysical and my skills in holding space for you, as we uncover YOUR joy.

What you get.

One session is 90 minutes.

Discover Joy

In our session, we will review why the brain wants to be happy, how it functions as a happy brain, and why you want a happy brain. We will discuss different methods of getting your brain to be happy. We’ll tackle why mindfulness matters, and we will reveal strategies that work to get your brain operating as a happy brain.

Establish YOUR Joy

Next, we’ll hold space for you to identify what brings you joy. In a quiet, meditative, reflective, safe space, we’ll dig into your desires and your needs.

Plan Joy in YOUR Life

To make sure you bring what we learn to your life, we’ll make a plan. We’ll examine your existing schedule and we will create an ideal “joy schedule”. This will ensure that you bring everything to real life, making sure you have a happy brain for a long time.

Full Moon
New Moon

Why should I sign up?

You should sign up if you have are tired of living every day numb to all there is to feel.

You should sign up if you find you are negative most of the time.

You should sign up if you are looking for a way to live in flow.

You should sign up if you are looking to see the beauty in life that truly is all around us.

You should sign up if you want to show up as a more compassionate and understanding person.

Joy as a Workshop

Joy one-on-ones as a workshop is offered periodically throughout the year. Space is limited to 22 guests.

Tickets are $55 (half of the individual one-one-sessions). Early bird pricing will be available.

Stay tuned for an updated schedule.


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