Cooking Is Not Hard

Yesterday, I started talking about cooking in our Culture of Food. I wanted to discuss how diverse we are and how that cultural diversity has contributed to some food confusion. Then, compound that with busier lives — I can see why I have parents who think they can’t cook. I’ve said this before, so if I sound like a broken record, do forgive me, but I learned that cooking is relatively easy with two keys. These worked for me, and I hope they work for someone else.

Culture of Food

Watch a movie or a play. There isn’t a single movie out there that doesn’t incorporate either food or drink or both. At some point, during some part of the movie, at least one character will partake in the breaking of bread or drinking of the cup. We are...

Holy Crap that was HARD

Time, something I don’t have a lot of. Time, something required to practice enough to feel comfortable creating something like… a wedding cake. The first one is over. Now that it’s day 2, I am more positive about doing another, though the jury is...

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