Thanksgiving 2011: The Prep

Speak Power to Story

I have always loved stories. Give me a good fiction any day of the week. For example, I just read the Millennium Trilogy (over 2,100 pages) in less than two weeks. It was that good. But, I didn’t get the point of some stories until I took a little independent...
Thanksgiving 2011: The Prep

Growing Up

I’ve heard it said that a true test of character would be if a camera (unbeknownst to you) were to follow you around, capturing moment by moment, everything you did. All your faults and virtues would be on display. Then, if you could see that video, you would...

Browsing Aimlessly

I find myself mindlessly refreshing my facebook page, waiting for a new post. I’m not sure why. I printed what I need printed. I done with the computer. There is nothing left. No more emails are coming in. No more cancellations or additions for tomorrow’s...

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