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Naomi Eklund was born with all her clairvoyant gifts available. She is a coach, mentor, trainer, and public speaker who manages Infinite Yes Coaching. In this episode, we weave the metaphysical with everyday life. 

Podcast Episode Summary

Naomi and I had a lovely discussion about metaphysics and our life here in this plane. We discussed all aspects of honoring metaphysical tools, living a life worth living by getting in touch with oneself, and when in organizations, different tools to support knowledge to better support the teams you lead.


“A lot of people doing very practical and mundane work in systems created to create work for people to do this work that doesn’t enable the artist, that doesn’t enable the thinker.”

“I am an entrepreneur… I believe in conscious capitalism.”

“I do believe it’s really important to teach our children to be good citizens.”

“Stress comes from … not having a clear picture of yourself.”

Top 5 Tips for Getting to Know Yourself

  1. Every body has different needs. Understand what you really need.
  2. Don’t assume all the tools out there are right for you.
  3. Find things that are physically pleasurable that gives you a moment of pause.
  4. Recognize your thoughts, your beliefs are clothing you wear, and you don’t have to be attached to them.
  5. Know that whatever language that connects you to the divine is legitimate.

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