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Tender education is the single most important measure of success for kids, and we can’t have it because of the market failure of care. My guest, Tiffany Chapman, and I dive into what care is, why it’s important, and what we can do to change it.

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My guest today is Tiffany Chapman, a regional organizer with Family Forward. Today, we speak about the work that Family Forward Action does to address the growing childcare disparities we face.

Care work is invisible, and if it didn’t happen, no one would be able to work. And, it’s seen as women’s work, the thing we are supposed to do. We discuss how ultimately, the way we handle care as a US society has resulted in a large market failure, where the supply doesn’t meet the demand, we have a shortage of child care because no one can afford to subsidize a system this big.

Tiffany and I further discuss that creating a tender environment is the most important thing, above all the other learning, in order to determine a child’s success. We discuss steps we can take to articulate those values and tell our politicians that this is a priority.


  • Care work is the work that makes all other work possible.
  • We want to elevate the issue of care and make sure these jobs are good-paying jobs and there is quality across the board.
  • Parents and workers can’t afford to subsidize a system this big.
  • Child care is a necessity, not a luxury, and all American Family’s should get that need met.

Episode Clarifications

The HEROES Act has passed the House, but it still needs your support in the Senate. Contact your representatives and tell them you want it passed.

Tiffany’s numbers for the price of preschool/ in-state college tuition were wrong.  In-state college tuition in Oregon annually is $16,823.  Infant care annually in Oregon is $13,518. 

Walter Mondale was a co-sponsor of the Comprehensive Child Development Act in 1972.

Recommended Resources

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