Introduction to Episode

There are three pillars to happiness, personal development and health and wellness. Gillian Duncan talks about how she figured this out how she works with women to help them get their happiness. 

Podcast Episode Summary

Gillian does her work on the other side of the pond. I was so delighted to meet someone so many miles way from me who also teaches womxn on clarity. In this episode, Gillian explains how she broke through from the years of conditioning that told her, as a young girl and later a woman, that she couldn’t do things. Ultimately, she found a path towards happiness, and that is what she teaches people now. 

Her three pillars towards happiness include:

  1. Setting goals for your personal happiness
  2. Engaging in personal development
  3. Focusing on your health and wellness 

She has found that if any one of these pillars is off kilter, the whole thing crashes, and your own personal happiness becomes unattainable. 

Recommended Resources

Check out Gillians’ work on her website, Clarity Junction: She has links to all her social media there. 

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