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Did you ever consider that there is a shadow side to attraction? In this episode, Laura and I discuss what the law of attraction is, a brief history, and some cautionary tales of when it is time to look outside of the law for spiritual guidance.

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The Law of Attraction is used in a lot of empathic, coaching circles to boost the manifestation of those who ascribe to it. In this episode, we discuss the shadow side, and many other laws that are at play.

An unfortunate part of the shadow side of misusing the law of attraction is when it is weaponized to make the person not, perhaps, manifesting “enough”, feel shame towards their actions or inactions. An unfortunate side affect is that the state of being unhappy has become unacceptable.


  • “Being unhappy has become unacceptable.”
  • Sometimes we need to remember, “Who’s really in charge.”
  • “The energy you put in is the energy you get out.”
  • “Be gentle with yourself and don’t use laws against your own laws and feelings.”

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