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Olga Ward discovered the cost of trauma while healing her adopted daughter and herself. In this episode, we discuss how she discovered her path to healing.

Podcast Episode Summary

Olga Ward joins me for two episodes where we dig into her path to finding neurofeedback as a healing modality when faced with trauma, and through this, discuss the cost of trauma.

Olga’s journey to neurofeedback comes through the story of her daughter’s adoption path. Soon after Olga and her family adopted their daughter, they began to realize the cost of trauma and the hidden effects it had on her daughter’s well-being and eventually the whole family.

Eventually, Olga’s journey to heal herself, realizing her own relationship to and the cost of trauma in her life, led her to find healing with neurofeedback. This was, later, the only tool (of so many tried) that worked to help connect her daughter to her own path of healing. Olga was so thankful for this modality that she began using it and sharing her experience with many others. Next week, we’ll dive into neurofeedback and how it can really help. 

This week’s episode focused on getting out of the shame spiral, finding community that can understand your path, and finding balance in all the chaos life can deliver. 

Some thoughts that summarized that stage in Olga’s life include: 

“I was a lot stronger than I thought I was.”

“I had my own trauma.”

“My desire to find a solution.”

Olga is a resilient mother who truly wants the best for her family. She now takes that and teaches others how to connect to different ways of healing so they can find peace in their lives too. Stay tuned for next week when we dive more into neurofeedback. 

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