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My guest today is Chrissy Marquadt. Chrissy is a powerhouse Enneagram 7 who is a wife, mother, and serial entrepreneur. We discuss responsibility, boundaries, GOAL setting, and so much more.

Podcast Episode Summary

Chrissy and I sat down and discussed many things from coffee chats to life coaching. This episode is packed with goal setting tips, boundary setting tips, and stories of Chrissy’s journey on her path of self-discovery navigating various roles.

Chrissy is an Enneagram 7 and loves setting goals. This year has brought a refocus on maybe not having so many. At the time of this recording, one hat Chrissy wore was serving as the Executive Director of the South Columbia County. Chamber of Commerce. With the onset of COVID-19, Chrissy transitioned out of that role and is now focusing more on her life coaching path.

The conversation is also layered with identity – as a mother, a naturalized citizen originally from Jamaica, as a wife, and of course, as a serial entrepreneur.


“If you’re not dead yet, you still have something to learn.”

“If you don’t know what you should do, think about what you liked as a kid.” (paraphrased from Start)

“Your friends and family are not your ideal customers, but they might know someone who is.”

Chrissy’s Boundary Tips

  • Engage your network to support you.
  • Be secure in asking for help.
  • Recognize, define, and enforce your boundaries.

Fixing the Morning Shit Show

  • Assess what went “wrong” 6-8 hours before
  • Make a small shift
  • Let go of the shame and guilt

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