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Ostara is the Spring Equinox. How can we use the wisdom found during this time to inform our lives of inquiry? Embrace learning to question through Ostara.

Podcast Episode Summary

In this episode, I pontificate about our seasons, again, a Sabbat ritual of my own. This time, I ponder how shifted Christianity is with the seasons and how celebrating death when there is so much birth adds confusion. I hope you get my point that it adds an underlying confusion to the base of our society. And, we have an invitation to co-create something different, something that works for us.

So, take a look at what’s going on in the world around you. What lessons from nature can you observe, embrace, and integrate into your life? 

Also, as the beginning of a new Zodiac New Year, take a moment and consider the intentions you set at the beginning of the year. Are they still valid? Should you revise? Now that we have a new marker of time on new beginnings, embrace this, and revise as necessary.

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