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My guest today is Andrea Procida, a fellow essential oil educator and enthusiast. Andrea has found her calling in health coaching after tirelessly advocating for her own health. In today’s episode, we dig into what that looks like.

Podcast Episode Summary

Andrea’s life changed in sixth grade. She doesn’t know exactly what or when it was. But one day, she woke up with pain and anxiety. The fearless girl left for safer ground, and not until a few years ago did Andrea actually find relief from living with Lyme disease and it’s added complications.

It took Andrea many years, and many doctors, before she was able to find relief. 

In this episode, Andrea shares her story of how she found hope on the other side. Her advice? Keep Digging to Better Health. 

We also dig into a little bit of what sparks joy for Andrea. Hint: the beings name is not Charlotte.


  • “I have a lot of skills, and I never myself credit for [them].”
  • On withholding information from doctors: “I didn’t tell them all the other things ‘cause they just weren’t helpful.”
  • “Find someone who will listen, and keep digging.”
  • “[Pets] provide me with so much comfort and love.”
  • “I’ve always wanted a pig.” 

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