Introduction to Episode

Further celebrations of the return of light. We began our light return celebrations with Yule, and we will continue with IMbolc. 

Podcast Episode Summary

In this episode, I, Michelle Lasley, your host, pontificate about the merging of seasons. I review where we are on the wheel of the year and where we are going.

  • Note, I align the “start” of the year with Aries Season or Ostera, the Astrological start of the year 
  • I argue Imbolc is both the end and a beginning 
  • Note other holidays with the same date: Ground Hog’s Day, Candlemas, and Brigid’s Day

A note on Candlemas

  • Celebrates Jesus’ initial presentation
  • When Jesus first enters the template, around age 12
  • The purification of the Virgin Mary 

Other traditions show the Green God goes through a similar trial, where he grows from boy to teen. The dawning corresponds with the maiden stage, or the young woman. Imbolc is one of three fertility festivals. And, since one aspect is purification, now is a great time for cleansing your home, your spring cleaning. Also, be sure to finish your reflections. 

I offer some herb and oil supports. 


  • Sage: “The desire of sage is to render man immortal.” The root, salvere, is defined by being in good health.
  • Rosemary: strengthens memory, purifies the air
  • Mint: a symbol of hospitality
  • Rue: clear sight and visioning, traditional anti-plague herb


  • Lime: zest for life
  • Peppermint: a buoyant heart
  • Clary Sage: clarity and vision
  • Thyme: releasing and forgiving


Season blend

Seasons merge

One day you look

the sun is brighter 

the birds are louder

There is a lightness to the air 

The wind has shifted

The buds are waking up and

they are showing their

first colors 

The earth is shrugging off the 

cold – Shrugging off its 

chill winter coat

It is spring.

Recommended Resources

Imbolc last year: 

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Casey, Caroline W. Visionary Activist Astrology: Become a Secret Agent for Transformation. Sounds True, 2015. (skip to the chapter on the sun)

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