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In this episode, we are working to get out the vote with Emma Burke, who is running for Lake Oswego City Council. Emma comes back just before the election to discuss our 2020 election and her campaign and some of the things she wants for Lake Oswego.

Podcast Episode Summary

Emma and I spent a lot of time discussing the right to vote, how close women are to not being able to vote, and every time you add an intersection onto “women” the distance to when we can and could not vote becomes too close to recent memory. So, the primary focus of this episode is to exercise your right to a free and fair election: go vote.

Secondarily, we discussed why you should vote for Emma Burke. I have interviewed her twice now, and her community spirit is immense. She loves her community, loves the not-oft-spoken about diversity in her community, and how people are truly better together.

Lastly, we want you to share with your friends and family who live in Lake Oswego why you will be voting for Emma.

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