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Engaging on Social Media with Brandy Henry. That’s what Brandy does. She uses her teacher archetype and now demonstrates to businesses how to authentically engage on social media.

Podcast Episode Summary

In this episode, Brandy sits down with Michelle and they discuss different ways to engage on social media. She really enjoys breaking down social media into digestible bits. Brandy shares her expertise, thinking, and how she works with clients. Some fun bits at the end (like why they are doing an 8am interview!).

Brandy has a unique way of approaching social media that is tailored to each of her clients. And, she absolutely shares that magic in this episode.


“More people are paying attention and seeing what you are doing than you can really tell because they don’t always interact with it.”

“In many ways, we’re hiding behind the algorithms. We’re using it as an excuse to not show up.”

Brandy’s Top 4

  1. Don’t get caught up in the paralysis of perfection / analysis paralysis.
  2. Just start.
  3. Stay rated to great content.
  4. Be flexible and nimble.

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