Introduction to Episode

Finn is a corporate dropout looking to co-create the future. After finding they were physically shutting down because of a stressful corporate job, they decided to switch to a path of discovery. That discovery has led to really assessing their impact on the environment and sharing a vision with the world.

This episode is marked explicit for the name of a poem at the end called the D#ckless Unite.

Podcast Episode Summary

Finn and I discuss sustainability, concepts of enough, working on our discovery. I love talking big ideas with my guests, and Finn is no exception. We dive into tenets of Christianity, ways of communication, and ultimately, an invitation to co-create a future of collaboration.


Wilderness Way Pillars

  • Shalom: work for justice and create peace in our environment.
  • Jubilee: the belief we can free ourselves from debt, poverty, wealth.
  • Sabbath: making sure we make sure we rest.

Non-Violent Communication

  • State how you feel about a thing
  • Observe and name the situation
  • Name the feeling that comes out and link it to your need
  • Make a request

The Skills of Loving

  • Seeing – seeing others and being seen by others as we actually are
  • Hearing – speak and hear others truths and our own
  • Responding to Needs
  • Having Goodwill
  • Honoring Everyone’s Experience

These are great tools for giving common language to groups.

Top 5 things of self-discovery

  1. Take an inventory of what you have, need, and want
  2. Find some sabbath time
  3. Get out in nature
  4. Find others on the journey as well, your community
  5. Connection with the sacred

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