In the last regularly scheduled episode of season 1, I discuss celebrating, looking ahead to season 2, and reflecting on season 1.

I reviewed the top 5 episodes, which include:

Season 2 will include an assortment of guests and topics such as:

  • A variety of conversations with various life coaches
  • An exploration of woo with astrology and light workers
  • Some tangible tips like how to market yourself, when to use SWAG, and managing personal finances
  • We’ll have a chat with some guests who’ve had to make drastic shifts in their entire branding and what that looked like
  • Along with regularly celebrations of the 8 sabbats that keep us grounded to nature’s rhythms

We’ll see you over the summer with some “re-runs” and some of my Facebook Lives, a new episode for Lammas, and then back again September 2nd for Season 2.

Thank you so much for being here.

Until we meet again.

(Photo note, this is my son last year on June 22. I thought this whimsy would be a great way to celebrate midsummer.)

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