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A few years ago, Lety and Michelle met through a Women in Networking group housed out of St. Helens, Oregon. Fast friends, they dive into public relations, Let’s wheelhouse, and why you would want someone to do PR for you.

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Lety does not identify as Sam from Sex in the City, except for the badass portion. Lety fell into this career after exploring beating a feature writer, a way to share people’s stories.

Basically, PR is promoting to media. The media can vary, and it can mean so much more. A big part of PR is building relationships with the other people who tell stories, the reporters.

She reminds us that email is a viable tool for communicating with your people, but don’t forget your strategy. She warns to not consider you are failing if you don’t see a quick ROI. Maybe you need to take a look at your strategy? Maybe your expectations need to be refreshed?

Lety’s ideal client is fun and outgoing, a little scared and ready to be pushed outside of their boundaries, and they must be willing to invest in themselves.


“I was still telling people’s stories, just in a different way.”

“That’s where the passion comes, because.I know when I am pitching for someone, I am helping them, I am getting the word out about them.”

“Stop and smell the stories.”

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