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In this interview with Emily Mieren, Michelle and Emily discuss motherhood, figuring out roles, and switching things up as familial need, passions, and opportunities present themselves.

Podcast Episode Summary

Emily and Michelle start with essential oils they used to prepare for interviewing on the podcast. They continue talking about how we serendipitously find our people… when we might be similarly aged, our kids are similarly aged, and it wasn’t always on purpose.

Some simple self-care can be in Breathwork. Then, pair that with essential oils because a mini act of self-care will do your body good. Your brain knows it… she wants to calm down.

Emily shares how she lost her sense of empowerment, slowly, while staying home to focus on the babies. They continue to discuss how identities shift when we take on new roles And, Emily shares how she rewrote her story.

Consider lemon, turmeric, and ginger to your green smoothies!


“I see now, as an adult female, how beautifully each of us are individually, and how uniquely different we each are.”

“If we collaborate and connect, we can help each other.”

“My hope is that every woman would find her own self-worth, self-love, and self-acceptance.”

“If we can put the money in the hands of the women, we can truly change the world.”

“Having a purpose is better for your long-term health than quitting smoking.”

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