Introduction to Episode

Marina “The Trader Chick” Villatoro talks about how she built confidence and how she wants to share that confidence in day trading for anyone interested.

Podcast Episode Summary

Marina “The Trader Chick” Villatoro is an entrepreneur, Ted X organizer, travel writer, professional day trader, and mother. She teaches beginners how to day trade and build their confidence in this complicated environment. She does this with courses on how to understand the ins and outs, what to trade, and why a strategy is important.

She also discusses her move from the USSR to the United States and how that shaped her role as a mother and provider. How that helped her realize the importance of inclusivity, education, and providing a better life for her kids.


“Would you ever, one day, decide you are going to be a pilot, watch a couple of videos on YT, and […] tell your family ‘let’s hop into the plane’. […] That’s suicide […] That’s what you’re doing when you go into the live market with your money.”

“If we don’t fail how will we ever, ever learn?”

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For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit Our producer is Matthew Hunter.