Introduction to Episode

Motherhood, Differently with Irene McKenna. In this episode, we sit down with Irene McKenna who is a parenting coach and founder of Irene McKenna Coaching. She aims her message towards moms ready to experience empowered motherhood.

Podcast Episode Summary

Irene McKenna is an empowerment coach for moms, founder Irene McKenna LLC, the Empowered Mom Project, and organizes the Facebook community Thrive Motherhood all while being a mom herself.

She uses her experience to help mothers not lose themselves in their roles of “mom”. Helping mothers learn how to use their unique experiences to be the best mom they can be. Pulling from personal experience as well as the wealth of information available and being forgiving to yourself when it doesn’t turn out how those books promised it would.

She stresses the importance of moms showing up for themselves to be present for their family the way they are needed. Establishing a belief that moms deserve to be supported and the importance of self-care as a path to building a different kind of motherhood than the one we’ve been taught.


“The way we get to something different [in motherhood], competently, is a long drawn-out process of implementation [of gathered knowledge]”

“Stop focusing on the problems of what we don’t have. We need to shift our mindset and outlook to what we desire in a way that we expect that it’s inevitable if we do the work versus continuing to stand in the ‘want want want’ but seeing all the problems of why we don’t get to have them.”

“When we believe and trust in ourselves we find the best way to get there for us.”

Recommended Resources

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