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Are you stuck in your career, life, or can’t figure out a project? I can help. I am a visionary, dreamer, and strategist with over 20 years experience supporting organizations and managing projects. One of my talents is seeing the big picture. So, share your vision with me, and I’ll help you fill in the blanks to get there.

Book a complimentary 30 minutes today, and we will find where you need clarity to get your breakthrough.

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If you’ve already had your complimentary session, let’s meet again and dig into your project.

When you are looking for a breakthrough, you need someone to hold space – read time – for you to process. You need someone to ask questions, dig in, and help you rearrange the thoughts you’ve been toying with. Breakthrough sessions move a lot of energy and are held in 60 or 90 minute sessions. I also offer a joy workshop, where one-on-one, we will dial into what brings you joy, another type of breakthrough to help you live more healed in this world. Natural tools like meditation, prayer, essential oils, and more are utilized.



In an hour, we will discuss some current issues, your strengths, the strategies you’ve done to overcome the issue. Then, we will hold space to navigate, together, the best solution for you.



In this hour and a half session, we give more space to dig into the thing that is occupying space in your head. The goal is to free up space so you can move forward with a clear plan.


Joy Workshop

We will meet one-on-one and discuss your stress and joy baselines, why joy is important to have in life, and create a customized plan for you to build more joy into your day.


Michelle helped me take my swirling, daunting mess of thoughts about what I felt I needed to do for my website and turn it into an easy to navigate flow chart of tangible action items. I feel so empowered!

Mari Bartoo Jacobson

Energy Magician & Integrative Health Coach, Essential Drops of Light


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