Why I Teach About Computers

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I am tech support. Every “desk jockey” job I’ve had, I’ve been the one people have turned to for tech support. It doesn’t matter if I was barely 20 years old installing an entire computer system, nearly on my own, because the person who was supposed to do it quit, or if I’m working side by side with IT to explain something to someone and improve processes.

My coworkers came to me because I understood their frustration. I understand how the end-user needs things to run smoothly. And, I don’t speak tech-jargon. So, I can explain things to you in a way that you will understand.

I teach about computers because I always have, and it’s needed. We’ve come so far in our computer age, yet still, so many people get confused by all the options available. I help break it down for you so you feel empowered with the tools you’ve purchased. You know you need a computer, but how do you use it? I teach you how. I teach you how because when we know the tools at our disposal we are powerful, beyond measure.