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2013 Interviewed by Aimee Fahey on her blog, EcoGrrl. The EcoGrrl Interview: Michelle L. A great retrospective, for me, on why I focus on what I focus on.

2012 Testifying for the Portland City Council on the positive effects of home composting. My two-minute video clip begins around minute 27.

Note: I completely misunderstood my husband’s views on composting. I apparently told him to quit complaining about it, and he did. 


Peaches from a Washington farmer our club orders produce from during the summer/fall months. Image by alexis22578 via Flickr

2012 Testifying for the Portland City Council, urging them to pass the Urban Food Code Zoning. My 3-minute video clip begins around minute 54.

2011 Economy heightened tension between tenants, landlordsCatholic Sentinel article describing the important work the Community Alliance of Tenants does

2011 Is Your Neighborhood a Food Desert? Start or Join a Food Buying Club – Neighborhood Notes article on Portland Area Food Buying Clubs

2011 Catholic Campaign marks 40 years of using justice to fight poverty – The Catholic Sentinel reports on the local efforts achieved by the Portland, Oregon campaign, I had the opportunity to receive the achievement for CAT

2010 For north Portland’s Michelle Lasley and Kristina Salmi Klotz, food club puts power in their handsOregonian article on Portland Area Food Clubs

2010 Greenies swap tips at home eco partiesPortland Tribune article regarding Home-Eco parties

2009 A Better Idea for Honoring Cesar Chavez – guest column to

2008 The Tolman Guide to Green Living in Portland & Website – Deb Tolman, Michelle Lasley, Joe Parker

2008 Home, green homePortland Tribune article regarding The Tolman Project

Canning peaches

Water bath canner, heating, in blue. Silver pot is cooking a light-honey syrup. Image by alexis22578 via Flickr

2007 My Commute – Portland Transport Blog

2006 USFS Forest Mapping Project – description one, two

2005 The Service Economy – Car Sharing is the New Consumer Model – Linda Baker

Peaches, sliced and diced.

Peaches, sliced, and diced and ready for canning! Image by alexis22578 via Flickr