Tools for Building the World We Want

Tools for Building the World We Want

by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

April 5, 2023

The tools I am describing are 7 card tarot layout plus one Oracle card from a separate deck.

We will pull cards that will look to answer the following:

  1. The vision
  2. The barriers
  3. What we need
  4. What we need
  5. What we need
  6. The villain right now
  7. The hero right now
  8. The Oracle card – to provide a gift of wisdom

The Arrangement & Interpretation

I chose an arrow arrangement, reading left to right. What are we starting with? What’s getting in our way? What are the tools we have at our disposal ready to face our challenges head-on? And, then, a sort of face-off with our hero and villain followed by the oracle card, at the tip of the arrow, providing guidance and oversight.

Below, I lay out the cards. The first notations are my observations, followed by the more traditional look at what the card represents.

1. The vision – 2 of Water (Cups), Water is Love

Yes. Yes, it is.

We are attracted to this vision.

2. The barriers – Earth Amazon Daughter / Princess of Pentacles, The Witches are Back

This made me sad as I keep reading and re-reading that the Witches are Back, that we are coming back. I say that the Goddess is rising. And, once risen, we will be more in equilibrium with the world that makes sense. As I finished pulling the cards, this made sense. We are back, but we are not organized. We are reclaiming our power, but we are not yet healed. We need to work on our practice. We need to know our values and remain committed to them so we don’t sway toward the world we are fighting against.

We are looking at conserving resources, having to be thrifty, and refraining from luxury.

3. What we need – 10 of Earth (Pentacles), Mother Earth

Yes, we do need our mother!

This is also family, connections, support, and being central to a community. A time of receiving assistance. We need assistance.

4. What we need – 8 of Water (Cups), Lunar Mystery

This card made me glad we are running our moon circles.

We need to take a leap of faith, we need to trust, we need to act on our intuitions, and trust our instincts. We are moving towards unknown results.

5. What we need – 6 of Air (Sword), Cosmic Weaver

There is intent and organizing to make a web. There is beauty and grace, even within a thing that is oft feared.

We need to quiet our minds (stop the hustle). We need mental peace, focus, and meditation. We have too much overstimulation. It’s a time for clearing the mind.

6. The villain right now – 5 of Air (Sword), Inspiration

It saddens me to pull inspiration, as I thought that’s what we need. And, it occurred to me, perhaps we have too much inspiration right now. Perhaps we have so many ideas as we emerge that we cannot get anchored in on the values that really guide us.

We have incomplete information, so there is confusion and naiveté. We have a lack of understanding. We need to be open to learning in this time of not knowing.

7. The hero right now – 7 of Earth (Pentacles), Sustainability

This is my vision. This is what I want for our world. So, when I pull this card, I hear, anchor in the things we know are working and what we must strive for.

We have completed things toward our vision. So, we can be rewarded for this. We can save for the future, keep our pantries stocked, and plan for the future we want.

8. The Oracle card – to provide a gift of wisdom

Kali, The Mother of the Universe. “I release all that doesn’t serve me. It’s time to be the truth of who I am.”
[Kali] is the divine protectress and the mother of the universe because she can cut through illusion and grant us the reality our soul came to manifest.

Final Thoughts

There is so much scary right now. Environmental degradation. Are we really safe in our homes? We have legitimate examples of our representative government are failing. (Tennessee, I’m looking at you.) Personal freedoms are being stripped away, no matter which side of the political spectrum you sit on.

But, we are not paying attention to the work we have to do. We have to come together. We all individually have these brilliant ideas, but they are no good to the collective when we aren’t in alignment. Our work is to get to that alignment. And, we know how to do that. We need to anchor into our habits. We need to quiet our minds. And, we need to get in touch with our intuition. Then, the next phase will be here.

I am rooting for the green path, not the concrete path.

The Decks

We’Moon Tarot, featuring art from 40 years of We’Moon datebooks
The Divine Famine Oracle by Megan Patterson

Reference Book

The Symbols of Tarot: A Dictionary of Tarot Symbols and Their Meaning by Laughing Womyn Astonisheni

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