Summer Musings

by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

July 25, 2021

In 2007, we looked at where we were and where we wanted to be, and we decided in 10 years, we’d move. My husband moved here on a whim and wasn’t nearly as in love with the place as I was. 10 years would put a notch in some adult responsibility so we agreed. Well, when 10 years neared us, we realized that was directly in the middle of when the kiddo was in his K-8th grade school program. As one who moved around a lot as a kid, I was loathe to disrupt his learning. But, after 8th grade, all the kids went to different places. So, the 10-year plan became a 14-year plan.

The Husband and the Kid at Aikido. Check out that height.

In between there, the husband got a great new job within the same organization with reasonable hours, a good salary, and interesting work. In my work, I just finished coaching school AND accepted an advocacy fellowship that I love. The kiddo, in the meantime, finished 8th grade and has started looking more man-like than boy-like. And, right now, he’s napping because of the exhaustive video-game schedule he employs. 

And, we have been working on our plan to move back to where we come from. This has been an interesting journey, and it’s not over. We looked at countless houses. And, by looked at, I mean my brother kindly went to every single house we were interested in and we engaged in a FaceTime chat as much as cell signals would allow. We put an offer on 4 houses, and we almost put an offer on two. The first house, the mostly right house for us, we put an offer on was quickly declined, and NOW it looks like that sale might have fallen through! But, so many houses in, we have an offer on a nice Craftsman home in a small town in the Upper Peninsula near family in a decent school district, amidst the winter wonderland of the UP. The hold up is banks and job prospects with how we narrowly define our income to allow us to stay on a healthy, manageable, budget. And, now we’re working on selling our current home.

I’ve described this journey as puzzle pieces falling into place, and then we encounter a hurdle, and then a new puzzle lines up adjacent to the one we were putting together! I firmly believe the best thing for my son and me is to be closer to family. The husband has been over the allure of our current city for many years. And, about 3 or 4 years ago, I got over it too! I am excited and itching for a new adventure. We are just working on putting this puzzle in place. 

We are working on an informal going away shin-dig at a local park. Stay tuned for more. Prayers, good thoughts, spells for the highest good all welcomed.

Oh, and in the meantime – let’s stabilize childcare, get on the list for my moon deck, get half-off for the remainder of 2021 for my moon circles co-facilitated with my friend Michelle, listen to the latest podcast, and stay tuned for 6-month coaching package openings in the fall.


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