Aimee Biondolillo found health after her Come to Jesus Moment

Aimee Biondolillo Michelle Lasley Podcast

by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

February 3, 2021

Introduction to Episode

Aimee Biondolillo joins me and shares her story of finding her passion and mission. Specifically, she found health after her come to Jesus moment.

Podcast Episode Summary

Aimee has a mission to share and help others with their healing journey. She would love, even more, if people didn’t have to live a pain-filled life to begin with. Her journey saw its awakening, like all good awakenings, in the bath.

While always a spiritual person, Aimee’s path to finding God was circuitous and filled with skepticism. Until, quite literally, she was meditating in the bath and she saw Jesus face to face. From that moment on, her whole world opened up, and she became open to essential oils and other natural solutions that have helped her on her journey. 

Aimee has Fibromyalgia. Fibro is one of those hidden diseases that is difficult to diagnose and difficult to treat. Aimee shares with us her journey of how she was able to literally get out of bed and manage life again.

Aimee and I are both doTERRA Wellness Advocates, and for part of our conversation, we discuss the many natural supports supplied by this company that are used on a daily basis.


Aimee has 5 steps to help you grow in knowing your bodies:

  1. Research your diagnosis or issue
  2. Educate your yourself 
  3. Reach out for support
  4. Talk it out with your support
  5. Know, you’re not alone 

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On sensitivities and allergies:

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