Mindfully Mastering Systems to Ease Your Flow

An image of Jessica Hansen and Michelle Lasley

by Michelle Lasley

Michelle Lasley is a mother, wife in Pacific Northwest learning to balance green dreams with budget realities.

November 4, 2020

Introduction to Episode

Jessica Hansen, the Systems Magician, joins me in this episode where we discuss mindfully mastering systems. We start our conversation with sustainability, and how COVID has forced us each to examine how we interact with the world. 

Podcast Episode Summary

Jessica and I sat down only one month into COVID quarantine. It’s fascinating to reflect that we are still in much the same space as we were so many months ago. Many people have shifted how they acquire the things that make their homes run, and the first part of our conversation reflects that: we discuss sustainability. We discuss the trips we take out of the home. We reminisce on the Drive Less Save More Campaign and how relevant it is today. We discussed assessing what a family/household truly needs, as, at the time, many had to do without things they just got when shopping. 

The second half of our conversation is around one of Jessica’s specialities: creating systems. She has a lot to say about systems, and it boils down to this: systems are a mindfulness practice that help you run better. 

Oh, and of course, we discuss some of our favorite tools like essential oils and crystals. 


  • “Make sure [your systems] make sense. Some systems out there are so complicated that they don’t make sense for the average person.”
  • “Are you overpaying?” Are you overbuying on something you’re not even using the functionality and you have three other ‘systems’ that are doing the same thing for you?”
  • “Systems, in general, are nothing more than a … routine.” 
  • “[Systems are] a pattern you execute over and over.”
  • “Don’t avoid the set-up.” 
  • “The system doesn’t have to be so rigid you can’t change it.” 
  • “What is my pattern?”
  • “How can I be doing this better?”

“What am I really trying to do?” 

Evaluate, restructure, create a system

  • What am I really trying to do? 
  • What is my budget? 
  • What applications are out there?

“If you are not a tech nerd, don’t try to be.” 

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